Your Spring Cleaning Checklist

April 5, 2019, Author: Park Ave Cleaning

The best time of the year is here, which means you can throw the windows open and get started on your spring cleaning checklist. The annual tasks you complete now will prevent you from being stuck inside when warmer weather arrives, and everyone else is having Insta-worthy brunches outside! If you need a little extra elbow grease for any of these spring cleaning tasks, don’t forget that Park Avenue Cleaning is always only a call away.

A Simple Spring Cleaning Checklist

  • Wipe down your walls. Start by using a vacuum to get rid of dust. Tackle any surface grime, like that common in the kitchen and bathroom, with a good quality degreaser or multi-purpose spray. Use a magic eraser to get rid of any stubborn spots on your walls.
  • Check your grout! The cement-based material that fills in the gaps between your walls, floors and tile stains easily and is very porous. Use a high-powered grout sealer and apply it with a small brush.
  • Give your rugs and carpeting a little TLC when you work through your spring cleaning checklist. Synthetic rugs and carpeting can be deep-cleaned with a professional shampoo machine and hot-water extraction machine. Any rugs that don’t have a backing should be professionally cleaned.
  • Take a look at your bookshelves and other shelving around the home. Declutter anything that you don’t want to keep around and take everything off of each shelf. Use a feather duster or crevice tool on the vacuum to get any debris and dust out of the shelving. Wipe down the spines of any leather-bound books with a soft microfiber cloth and replace.
  • Clean any upholstered furniture by removing the cushions and softly beating them to get out any dust. If there are stains on the furniture, check the care tags before attempting treatment. Use your vacuum’s upholstery tools to get out dirt from underneath cushions and in small crevices.
  • Dust your entire home from top to bottom! This spring cleaning checklist task is often something homeowners hate, but spring is the perfect time to get rid of lingering cobwebs and start fresh.
  • Keep your home a safe place to live by swapping out the batteries in your smoke detectors and make sure that any units are free from dust.

Professional Household Cleaning from Park Avenue Cleaning

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