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The “Listing Clean” – A Real Estate Cleaning Service for Agents

February 11, 2021, Author: Park Ave Cleaning

What’s a “Listing Clean?” A high-end real estate cleaning service for agents and sellers in Howard County, Baltimore County, and neighboring counties in Central Maryland

Howard County is the most affluent county in the state of Maryland and boasts countless million-dollar properties. As a real estate agent in this area, you will want to make sure your listings stand out in this sea of extravagance. Park Avenue Cleaning has years of experience with upscale listings!

Our branded “Listing Clean” is a specialized, deep-cleaning service for real estate agents before their properties get listed for sale. Agents know the importance of an immaculate presentation at an Open House A deep cleaning adds as much value, in many cases, as a paint job.

White-Glove Service for Luxury Homes

We are well-versed in the best, safest, and most effective methods for residential real estate cleaning. We know how to treat fine wood floors, marble or quartz countertops, and top-of-the-line stainless steel appliances.

The real estate cleaning service includes cleaning walls, floors, carpets, and appliances. We tackle bathroom and kitchen grout, trim, baseboards, ceiling fans, and light fixtures. We wax floors. Our experience in Central Maryland extends to cleaning, shining, and polishing luxurious features like crystal chandeliers and stained and beveled glass windows and doors.

Does your client have a pet? We get deep into the corners, particularly in carpeted rooms, to remove pet hair from the property. After a Park Avenue Listing Clean, the people who come to view your listing won’t even know there’s a pet.

Realtors know that deep cleaning and “staging” help get a house sold quickly.

The Devil’s Always in the Details

Our crews’ attention to detail reflects their average of 20 years’ experience in the business. We have systems and checklists that ensure we wash, polish, and disinfect every surface – in sequences that guard against any possibility of cross-contamination!

We are a COVID-certified company and we observe all the protocols recommended by the CDC (the National Centers for Disease Control) for residential and commercial cleaning service during this pandemic.

Our focus on the details does not waver, regardless of the size of the house. We have crews to cover a residence of any size. All crew members are trained by us; and all our current staff have significant experience cleaning luxury homes. So, you can rely on our efficiency, our thoroughness, and our cleaning systems – and trust us to get your listing looking flawless.

We Accommodate REALTORS®

Need us on short notice? Park Avenue Cleaning makes real estate agents’ listings a priority! We work hard to make ourselves available to real estate agents on short notice, when necessary; and bend over backwards to have your listing ready to show when you need it. When you’ve got to have an impeccable deep cleaning service for your upscale listing, call us and we will be there! Your million-dollar listings will look like a million dollars when you hire Park Avenue Cleaning!

What You Get From Park Avenue’s Real Estate Cleaning Service

Since 2003, Park Avenue Cleaning has provided reliable pre-sale services to real estate agents and their clients. If you are a real estate agent or broker in Howard County, Baltimore County, Carroll County, or nearby, here at the many reasons to choose us for your listing cleans today.

Flawless Execution

Park Avenue Cleaning is not a firm you’ll have to keep calling back to get your project complete. Once we agree on the project implementation, we’ll give you a completion date and ensure it suits you. When that’s done, all you need to do is grab a cup of coffee and let us do what we do best – clean! Our crew will never leave your project unfinished to get to another job. We will have assessed your project and experience tells us the length of time we’ll need. We always build in a buffer.

The supplies we use are top of class, and mostly simple and uncomplicated. Many of our preferred brands are certified natural. (In the year of Coronavirus and COVID-19, we use more 70% isopropyl alcohol than ever before, but that’s the strongest smell we’ll leave behind – and alcohol dissipates quickly.) In addition, you’ll be pleased to know that our employees arrive equipped with all the supplies they’ll need to complete your project. Except by prior arrangement, we provide all cleaning products and supplies.

Years of Experience

We’ve been in the cleaning business since 2003! Over that period, we’ve gained the skills and expertise needed to provide the level of cleaning that really elevates your listing. As individuals, each of the senior members of the crew possesses close to or more than 20 years of experience. Most of us are hard-working moms. We are all Baltimore and Howard County natives and know the area well.

Our supervisors strive to ensure that our service exceeds all industry standards. This is why we have a long repertoire of real estate agent clients with rosy things to say about us. See below!

A Wide Range of Services

Another thing that makes us stand out is the variety of our offerings – and our customers’ ability to customize their service. At Park Avenue Cleaning, we are committed to bringing you services you won’t find anywhere else. While other cleaning companies may provide basic services, we strive to be the firm that can handle all your cleaning needs:

  • Maid services (residential cleaning)
  • Real estate cleaning (“listing clean” service for real estate agents)
  • Commercial cleaning (office, warehouse, and non-food retail)
  • Holiday cleaning (special event cleaning)
  • Guesthouse cleaning (regular bed-and-breakfast, vacation home accounts)

When you work with Park Avenue Cleaning, there is no need to hire multiple companies. We’ve got you covered.

Customer Satisfaction

We’ll get the most important parts of your listing as clean as they can be!

We understand how important it is to have a new listing sparkle and we work to deliver just that. You may be surprised by how well a top-to-bottom deep cleaning brings out the hidden elegance of a home, regardless of the home’s age.

When we’re new with you, before we complete the task we’ll invite you to look around and inspect our work. Any concerns? We see to it immediately.

Wait no longer! Give us a call today.

But Don’t Take Just Our Word. Read Our Testimonials!

Well, it’s not as credible if we toot our own horn as if other people do it for us! Here’s what some real agents have had to say about our service.

“Over the course of five months I struggled to sell my listing. I kept wondering what others were doing that I was not. Then a friend recommended the Park Avenue team to me. At first, I was skeptical but they quickly cleared my doubts with their knowledge. Before I knew it, my house was sold and at a significantly higher price than I expected. Not all heroes wear capes — but Park Avenue cleaning is one.”

~ Jack R., Baltimore, MD

 “The Park Avenue team is fabulous. They are dependable, detail-oriented, and care about the final result. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to end their search for a better cleaning service. When you hire Park Avenue, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands.”

~ Tina O., Ellicott City, MD

 “Park Avenue Cleaning did an awesome job cleaning my client’s property. They were very thorough and the transformation occurred within weeks. Ever since then, they have become my go-to, anytime I have cleaning to get done”

~ Chris Gonzalez, Sykesville, MD

The Park Avenue Cleaning service area includes Baltimore City, Catonsville,

Columbia, Ellicott City, Fulton, and beyond. Call today!