Teaching Your Children to Help Tidy Up

August 15, 2018, Author: Park Ave Cleaning

You emerge from the bathroom in the morning, only to trip over a toy on the floor, catch yourself on a table covered in some sort of crumbs and spot a suspicious stain right next to the pile of…cookie crumbs? Children are a blessing, but children are also notorious for making messes and not being too cooperative about cleaning them up. How can you effectively encourage your children to help tidy things up?

A Rule Reset

It’s best to be clear on rules, so start by sitting down your children to explain that you have made some changes to the rules for cleaning up and you want everyone to be on the same page. Be explicit when expressing what the rules are and what consequences are for not helping. For example, telling your child that they must put away a toy before moving onto something else when they are done playing. If the child forgets, they will receive a reminder. If they still choose not to tidy up, the toy will go into a special box for a month (or week). It’s up to you to decide on standards and consequences, and it’s also up to you to make them clear to your children.

Make Picking Up Fun

Whenever you can, make an effort to make clean up fun. Kids are much more enthusiastic about cleaning up after themselves when there’s a timer running, or they’re competing against a sibling to see who can clean up the fastest. Just like turning learning into a game works well, turning cleaning into a game works beautifully.

Pump Up the Jam

Another way to turn cleaning up into a game is by playing a song in the background. Can your child clean up the playing area by the time their favorite song ends? This puts a short time limit on the cleaning process and lets your child have some fun while they’re tidying the area. Turning cleaning into a family dance party is also a great way to bond while you’re getting chores done.

Don’t Start with “I Need”

When you’re talking with your children and asking them to pitch in, avoid starting your request with “I need you to…” Instead, you should speak with confidence and make it clear that it isn’t negotiable by leaving out “okay?” at the end of your question. The less you come across as unsure or anxious, the less likely you are to get a tantrum in response.

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