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15 Stain Removal Hacks For Cleaning Everyday Messes 

February 26, 2022, Author: Park Ave Cleaning

Steal these 15 DIY stain removal hacks for cleaner clothes and living spaces! There’s no  need to tolerate pesky stains! 1. Dish Soap Removes Most Clothing Grease Stains  You heard that right! Dish soap can be the perfect catalyst for removing grease stains from your favorite clothing.  Apply dish soap directly to the stained area. […]


The Best Ways to Clean a Couch

December 19, 2018, Author: Park Ave Cleaning

While you might have rules about the dog sitting on the couch, the cat lounging on the back of the sofa or your child eating popsicles on the loveseat, be honest—how many times have you found a suspicious stain that could only be the result of one of those? If you’re looking for the best […]


How to Remove 8 Stubborn Stains

November 7, 2018, Author: Park Ave Cleaning

Every person in charge of tackling the mound of laundry in their home has one thing in common—they absolutely loathe stubborn stains! Unfortunately, stains don’t just appear on your jeans. Instead, they can sink into fancy textiles and brand new carpet as well. From lime green grass stains to pesky red wine, here are our […]