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How To Clean A Historic Home: 8 Great Tips to Get You Started

February 2, 2022, Author: Park Ave Cleaning

Are you looking to keep your historic home consistently clean? Read this guide for practical tips to help tidy up, and maintain, your preservation property. Your historic home may have years and years of genuine “character!” But, as time ticks by, and visitors walk through, dirt and low-quality air particles will start to accumulate. And […]

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Post-Renovation Cleaning: Professional Cleaning or DIY?

August 16, 2021, Author: Park Ave Cleaning

While the prospect of renovating a home or office can be exciting, post-renovation cleaning can be an unpleasant mess. So what are your options in such a situation? Hire a professional post-renovation cleaning service or try to do post-renovation clean-up yourself? First, let’s look at the pros and cons.   In fact, your contractor should […]

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Household Cleaning Hacks: Clean All Your Surfaces Like a Pro

November 17, 2020, Author: Park Ave Cleaning

The house you clean today is a lot different from the house your mother and father had to clean – or your grandparents. So, if you’re still doing household chores the way you were taught by older relatives, consider updating your methods. Today, a typical home may have dozens of different building materials. Many new […]