Keep a Clean House While Everyone’s Stuck at Home

May 23, 2020, Author: Park Ave Cleaning

Cleaning Tips to Help You Stay Sane #atHome

Well, I’m in the same boat with all of you. I am trying to keep a clean house – and keep my sanity – while I’m home with three kids and a dog that sheds. Teaching the kids half the day, fighting a constant battle to keep the house from descending into chaos, and still finding time to send out a few emails! I can’t imagine what real “work from home” must look like on top of all this! Wow.

So folks are checking in, letting us know when they’ll feel comfortable seeing us again. Inevitably the question comes up: “How are you keeping your house clean with kids at home?” I mean, I am Baltimore’s Queen of Clean. I’d better have a good answer, right?

Well, I do. Here’s how I maintain a semblance of sanity with all of us at home, eating, drinking, schooling, and keeping ourselves entertained 24/7.


I am constantly – and I mean constantly – moving stuff out of my house. I don’t know how half of it gets in here, but it does not get to stay. My strategy? Bagging and trashing. Daily. Anything broken? Out! Hardly being used? Out!

I don’t know what would happen if I didn’t do this. But I suspect that soon enough there’d be no room for the four of us.

Being a clutter buster helps me keep my sanity. And guess what? Without all that crap hanging around, I’ve got room to do the actual cleaning!

The 3 Cycles


It helps to have a system. What’s yours? With all of us eating all day long at my house, we’d always have a sink full of dishes if we didn’t have a system. My system is wash as you go – cup, plate, utensils. As soon as you’re done, wash and put ‘em in the dish drainer.

Your system may be to clear the sink at the end of every day. Or use, rinse, and stack into the dishwasher. Whatever works for you. This is about your sanity, right? No judgment here.


I keep this one extremely simple. I do 2 loads of laundry every single day for my family of 4. Even if it’s a small load; I adjust the settings on my energy-efficient washing machine and let ‘er rip! This keeps me from overwhelm, and that dread that makes any job less and less appealing the longer I avoid it. Sundays I run sheets and blankets. Boom! That’s all there is to it.


Goes out nightly, from all the rooms. If we shop (at, say, Costco), everything gets put away the moment we get home. Then, we break down the boxes and excess packaging, and bundle them for the trash.

Getting the Kids to Help

This one is worth a post all it’s own! (Stay tuned.) I’m a single mom and I run a company. Certain things are understood at my house. After that Costco run, I don’t unload the car. I don’t break down boxes. I don’t empty the trash. Etc.

My 13-year-old has lived with me all her life. She helps me with the little ones and our systems work like a well-oiled machine. Don’t get me wrong. She’s 13. But kids like structure and I make sure they have plenty. I couldn’t do it all otherwise.

I’m a believer that chores are a fulfilling part of family life that lets a child feel they belong. They are contributors to the ecosystem called family. It works.

Getting Back to “Normal!”

Well, you won’t be dealing with this alone for much longer. We are back up and running! We’ve worked out how to keep both our clients and our employees safe when we re-enter your homes. We’re ready.

Thanks for your support! It’s amazing to see that we still have clients. We’ll continue reaching out to you individually and sending out updates and information. Till we meet again, stay safe, and let your systems help you keep a clean house in this weird, sad age or Coronavirus.