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How to Get Your Toilet Really Clean!

September 4, 2020, Author: Park Ave Cleaning

Toilets: They Do the Dirty Work!

No matter what your living space looks like, you can live like royalty if you know how. As someone who runs a professional cleaning company in Howard County, Maryland, I believe that it’s the individual details that, altogether, make your place seem amazing – or not.

A squeaky clean ‘porcelain throne’ in each of the bathrooms is one of those details. Mostly you’re the one that will notice – but every visitor feels the difference. Trust me: they will feel like royalty.

How to get your toilet really clean? It’s super easy to achieve!  

Few of us enjoy cleaning toilets, but regular cleaning and maintenance will eliminate toilet rings, soil build-up, ugly mineral stains, funky smells, and – certainly not least – harmful bacteria. 

With over 20 years of toilet scrubbing experience, Park Avenue Cleaning pros have come up with some quick tips to step-up your game and make that throne comfortable. 

What You’ll Need to Get Started!

First things first. Always have the right supplies on hand.

  • close up of a clean wet toilet seatRubber gloves 
  • Toilet cleaners, vinegar, lime juice, Coca Cola or baking soda 
  • Acid-based cleaner 
  • Plunger 
  • Toilet brush 
  • Scrub sponge 
  • Toothbrush 
  • All-purpose disinfectant spray 
  • Paper towel 
  • Pumice stone 


Remember that the Basic Cleaning Sequence is a three-step process. To ensure you not just get rid of dirt and stains, but also eradicate germs and get your toilet really clean you have to: 

  1. Clean
  2. Sanitize
  3. Disinfect

We all know how to clean. Even dish soap and water will do. Scrub off the obvious debris and stains that splash on all the surfaces in and around the toilet bowl. Then, sanitize with an acid-based cleaner to remove most of the bacteria. Finally, disinfect the surfaces to kill both bacteria and viruses – an essential step in the time of Coronavirus and COVID-19.

For best results, use a “spray and stay” approach to disinfecting – especially high-touch areas like doorknobs, and the many surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms. The term “spray and stay” describes the process of spraying on the disinfectant, then allowing it to dry on the surface. It takes minutes to kill off all germs – not seconds! So spray – and let it stay. Do not rub it off.

About your spray cleaner:

Please ditch the bleach! Bleach is too chemically basic (alkaline) to use around the house these days. It can eat through and degrade many of the surfaces in a modern home. To get your toilet really clean, choose instead a hydrochloric acid- based cleaner. This will dissolve calcium, lime, and other mineral deposits on the porcelain surface (as well as your stone kitchen countertops!) In hard-water regions–like Central Maryland–I guarantee you that an acid-based cleaner will do a better job. 

lysol-non-bleach-toilet-bowl-cleanerSo, put on your gloves, get your bucket, and let’s get right to it:

The Power of Pretreatment 

  1. Spray your all-purpose disinfectant on all parts of the toilet. Work your way up from the bottom. Remember to include the flusher, the hinges, lid, seat, and all the nooks and crannies, from the base up. If the toilet needs a deep clean, let the disinfectant sit for 10 -15 minutes. Otherwise, 5 minutes will be sufficient. 
  2. Spray enzyme cleaner on the floor around the toilet and on the outer surface of the commode. This will get rid of urine stains, odor, and bacteria that linger there. Let it sit a while.
  3. Before you apply cleaner to your bowl’s interior, use the plunger to force out excess water. This gives you more space in the bowl for the cleaner to do its work. Then, apply the cleaner. Start under the rim of the seat to attack those tiny water jets that the eye can’t see. Let it soak for 10 minutes, or longer if you need to. (This is the step that many people skip. But it’s critical for best results.)

Cleaning and Detailing 

  1. If your toilet is well overdue for cleaning, use the scrub sponge instead of paper towel or a washcloth. Apply a circular pressure as you rub on the spray cleaner, repeating the same pattern from top to bottom, so you don’t miss a spot. This will ensure you get rid of the hard to remove stains. 
  2. Get into the nooks and crannies, the back of the closed hinges and the inside of the open hinges. Apply more cleaner as you need it. Press a toothbrush into hard to reach areas to loosen up the muck; then run the sponge over or through them.
  3. Clean top and bottom of lid, the most touched part of the toilet apart from the flusher.
  4. Clean thoroughly underneath the seat and around the rim with spray cleaner and the sponge.
  5. The toilet base is often neglected, but this part of your throne generally could use some extra attention! So be sure to thoroughly scrub down there also. Use the toothbrush around the ring area where the toilet meets the floor to clean and remove built-up bacteria. (Keep that toothbrush in your cleaning bucket at all times). 
  6. IF YOU HAVE PROBLEMS WITH A TOILET RING, try a long-handled pumice stone. This will address the residual buildup problem. If you get orange (or brown, or green) streaks in your toilet, an occasional scrub with Pumie should take care of the permanent stain they leave behind. Get it in your grocery store cleaning aisle, Home Depot or Lowe’s.
  7. Finally, use the paper towel to wipe up that cleaner you sprayed on the floor earlier. This will get rid of any stains and smell. 

pumice-stick-for-toilet-bowlCleaning the Bowl 

Watch a couple of before-and-after videos that demonstrate what I’m talking about here.

  1. Remember those built-up stains under the rim that you can’t see? Do a complete scrub around the rim to ensure to remove them thoroughly. 
  2. Scrub your way down to the part of the bowl where the water settles. If you have tough stains the brush can’t easily get rid off, use a pumice stone. The pumice stone will eliminate the most stubborn stains — watch your toilet transform!
  3. Finally, twist the toilet brush deep into the hole a few times. Flush while holding the brush in place so the water rinses it off. Let the brush drip dry between the seat and rim. 
  4. Lift the water tank to see if there is any mineral build up inside. If there is, turn off the water flow to your toilet and flush so the water is pushed out of the tank. Then you can get in there and scrub, or remove anything that does not belong. 
  5. There are toilet bowl fresheners that disinfect both the water and the water tank, keeping it fresh. 

A Clean Toilet is Everyday Happiness – Not A Luxury!  

Stains come from prolonged use of your toilet with little or no cleaning. So give your toilet bowl the cleaning it deserves to protect your family from viruses and bacteria. 

Remember to carefully store these supplies: all in the same place, so you can quickly grab them when you need them; and securely away from children and pets. Even the most eco-friendly products are not safe for our little innocents.

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