How Dirty Floors Can Hurt a Business

September 19, 2018, Author: Park Ave Cleaning

There’s a good chance that you don’t pay any attention to the floors beneath your feet at your business. After all, you’ve got plenty of other work to do! However, the floors in your business make an important first impression to every customer, potential employee or visitor that opens the doors. Do dirty floors really have a negative effect on the perception of your business?

Your Brand Image

As a company, your brand is one of the only things that you have almost complete control over. Almost anything can damage the perception that customers have of your business, and dirty floors are not too minor to fit the bill. What impression does it make if your vendors or business partners enter only to find a wet floor in the rain or a dirty, scuffed floor? The effort that you put into maintaining your surroundings reflects on you, whether or not you want it to.

Lower Employee Productivity

Dirty floors and offices can affect the health of your employees. The dirtier that your environment is, the more sick days will be used by employees. When employees don’t feel good or have confidence in their workplace, they will naturally be less productive. How do you feel when you work in a space that isn’t cared for? If you take care of the environment that your employees work in, they will take care of you by doing the best work possible.

Protect Your Investment

Flooring is not cheap, and dirty floors will always have shorter lifespans than floors that are professionally taken care of. Over time, dirt, debris, chemicals from outside and harsh road salts will accumulate on the floor. The mixture of these substances is corrosive and can wear down the finish of the floor and do permanent damage to the material. If you don’t clean your business floors on a regular basis, you will need to replace your flooring more frequently and foot the bill for repairs.

Avoid Dirty Floors with Park Avenue Cleaning

Park Avenue Cleaning, LLC provides white glove cleaning services to homeowners and business owners throughout the greater Baltimore area. Commercial floor cleaning services are the best way to keep your floors sparkling and make the best first impression every time. Beyond having an attractive floor, you will also have a healthy floor that keeps employees and visitors away from harmful germs and bacteria. Experience a truly remarkable clean with our services! To learn more and schedule your home appraisal cleaning, call us today at (877) 546-9837.