How a Professional Cleaning Service Raises Your Home’s Market Value

June 21, 2018, Author: Park Ave Cleaning

Selling your home is an arduous process, and nobody said it was easy! The buyer and the lender financing the purchase will want proof that your home is really worth what you’re listing it for. A home appraiser and home inspector will tour your home to identify any problems and make the decision of your home’s value. If a home appraiser doesn’t think your home is all that you claimed it to be, the deal might fall through. Can a professional cleaning service really raise your home’s value?

Appearances Matter

While home appraisers and inspectors are trained to look beneath the surface to find problems and determine how much they detract from the home, a sparkling clean appearance always gives the impression that a home has been well-maintained, even if you haven’t replaced your carpets or painted since you moved in! A home that appears to be tidy and taken care of will detract from the parts of your home that may need a little more work.

Appraisers are human, just like anyone else. When they see a house that is beautiful, and there isn’t a speck of dust in sight, they will go onto the property with a better impression in their mind. That won’t affect the final value in every case, but it definitely tilts the scale in your favor.

It Reduces Stress

There are so many things that you need to worry about when you are preparing your home for an appraisal or a showing! How do the throw pillows look? Did you remember to take all of your family pictures down? Deep cleaning is one more thing that can add stress to your plate, so hiring a professional cleaning service is a great plan. There are few things more wonderful than arriving home after a long day at work, knowing you have a showing the following morning, and finding everything spotless and clean.

Cleaners Know What They’re Doing

Professional cleaning services know exactly how to clean everything in your home for the best possible results. We have the right cleaners for your appliances, the proper tools for cleaning electronics and tricks for getting out the toughest stains. Instead of spending your time googling how to clean a stainless steel fridge, hire a professional cleaning service that knows the right way and comes with the right supplies for the job.

Bust Your Clutter Once and For All

On top of working with a professional cleaning service to get rid of grime and dirt, you can also work with a professional organizer to tidy up your clutter once and for all. Having clutter on surfaces, even if it’s not very much, will distract the eye and make a room seem smaller and more cramped than it is.

Clean Your Home Before Showing or Appraising with Park Avenue Cleaning

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