Cleaning Up After Summer Fun

June 25, 2019, Author: Park Ave Cleaning

Summer is in full swing, with fun pool parties, backyard barbecues, and many other exciting summer gatherings. After your guests have departed, however, you might be left wondering, “How do I clean this up?” Or maybe you’re looking for preemptive measures to ensure that cleaning up will be easier. Here are some helpful tips for making sure your house stays clean this summer.

Sweep the Front

The front of your home is the first thing your guests will see, so it’s always a good idea to have it tidied up. All you need is a broom to sweep up the walkway and porch, and you can have a cleaner looking entryway for guests. Sweep up after summer gatherings, whether it’s near the front door or the patio, and you’ll be impressed with how much cleaner your home looks.

Invest in a Door Mat

One way to keep your home clean this summer is to stop messes before they even begin. Having a door mat for guests to wipe their shoes on will prevent dirt and sand from being tracked inside. It’ll make summer cleaning easier for yourself and keep your floors looking good. Be sure to hose off the mat once a week to keep it clean.

Take Care of Trash

When cleaning up, make sure you are cleaning out your garbage cans to avoid odor. Use a hose to rinse it a couple of times, and spray with disinfectant in between rinses. When disinfecting, let the garbage can soak for at least ten minutes before rinsing again. Then, leave the garbage can upside down to dry. This way, you and your guests wont have to worry about being bothered by a smelly garbage can, and you can get back to having fun!

Clean the Grill

Neglecting the grill after barbecues can result in a buildup of leftover food and sauce. To make sure you’re maintaining your grill after the barbecue fun is over, use a wire brush to scrape off everything that accumulated during cooking. Before cleaning, be sure that the grill is off.


Summer is a great time to throw parties with family and friends but it’s important to avoid producing a lot of waste. When cleaning up, make sure that everything that can be recycled goes in the recycling bin. To make things easier, have clearly labeled recycling and garbage cans for guests.

Summer Cleaning with Park Avenue Cleaning

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