10 Proven Ways To Get Rid Of Pet Odor (And 5 Pet Cleaning Hacks)

Are you looking to get rid of pesky pet smells in your home? Great, because this guide should help you do just that, so you can live with the scents you truly want! You can’t really put your finger on it…but it’s a smell… And it’s not just in one room, but throughout the home! […]

5 Expert Ways to Reduce Dust in Your Home

(Especially if You’re an Allergy Sufferer!) Today you’ll learn a few proven ways to reduce troublesome dust build-up in your home, leaving you with a sparkling, healthier, and more inviting living space. Sneezing all the time isn’t fun, and often the culprit is, well….dust! Our homes should be where we feel most comfortable; but when […]

5 Cleaning Hacks to Make a Dishwasher Sparkle!

Is cleaning your dishwasher a household chore that you despise? You’re not alone. Here are a few hacks to take at least some of the pain out of it.  Dishwashers usually come with instructions on the best ways to use them. However, these manuals are usually short on information about the best ways to clean […]

Post-Renovation Cleaning: Professional Cleaning or DIY?

While the prospect of renovating a home or office can be exciting, post-renovation cleaning can be an unpleasant mess. So what are your options in such a situation? Hire a professional post-renovation cleaning service or try to do post-renovation clean-up yourself? First, let’s look at the pros and cons.   In fact, your contractor should […]

15 Things You’re Forgetting To Clean — But Shouldn’t!

Barbeques. Friends. Family. Summertime is such a fun and busy (but relaxing) season. So it’s just a shame we couldn’t coax ourselves into spring cleaning back when we had the chance. Or, if you did tidy up, the things you’re forgetting to clean may have unexpectedly debuted. I mean, last week at the picnic, wasn’t […]

Master The Art Of Cleaning Almost Anything Without Chemicals!

Ahhhh, yes. Green cleaning. It’s the non-toxic kind of cleaning that folks are raving about these days. After sheltering inside for the better part of a year, just about everybody is focused on pollutant-free cleaning products. We want products that are not just safe for the planet but that, more importantly, support our health. Not […]

Hard Truths About  the Hazards of Bleach

The hazards of bleach are well known today. But if you were raised as I was, you may have recently been tempted to use more bleach than ever before. We’ve been living with the COVID-19 disease for more than a year now. We spent the first half of 2020 madly cleaning and sanitizing and disinfecting […]

9 Top Traits of the Best Vacuum Cleaners

What the Best Vacuum Cleaners Have in Common I love to vacuum! There, I said it! I find the hum of the motor and the patterns left behind on the carpet very soothing. I’m sure I’m not the only one. For some it may be washing dishes or folding laundry; but for me, vacuuming is […]

Indoor Air Quality Concerns: Professional Cleaning Can Help

Why Care About Indoor Air Quality? Our modern lifestyle, wonderful as it is, can have a dark side. Many substances that we use in everyday life may negatively impact our indoor air quality – the air inside our homes and workplaces. These may include cleaners and solvents, even beauty products. And that air pollution can […]

The “Listing Clean” – A Real Estate Cleaning Service for Agents

What’s a “Listing Clean?” A high-end real estate cleaning service for agents and sellers in Howard County, Baltimore County, and neighboring counties in Central Maryland Howard County is the most affluent county in the state of Maryland and boasts countless million-dollar properties. As a real estate agent in this area, you will want to make […]