Real estate cleaning in Columbia, Ellicott City, Howard County, and Baltimore!

Agents love our real estate cleaning services in Columbia, Howard County, and Greater Baltimore, Maryland.

Real estate agents are our most regular clients!

Sellers can’t spend a ton on pricey upgrades? Experienced agents know how much a really good cleaning can elevate a listing.

When you’ve done all you can to make a property look its best, call Park Avenue Cleaning for our specialized “listing clean.”

We help you sell homes!

Premium Service: Real Estate Cleaning in Columbia and Greater Baltimore, MD

We partner with real estate agents to get that premium “listing clean” that shows seller properties at their absolute best!

Park Avenue Cleaning offers real estate cleaning services to our peer professionals in Columbia and Greater Baltimore, Maryland.

The clean you need when you’re listing a house can add as much to the sale price as a fresh paint job. But it costs a lot less! And nobody cleans a listing like Park Avenue Cleaning. We know all those places a prospective buyer will notice ONLY if it’s not perfect. Check out our “listing clean!”

  • Cracks, grout, and pet hair the edging along the line of the carpet.

  • Got cats & dogs? We’ll make sure all trace of them is gone.

  • We work around contractors! We come in as they leave. We know the goal is to get the property spotless and ready to be shown as fast as possible.

  • Need your listing clean in a hurry? We make agent bookings a priority, and will travel throughout the region to help you when you need us.

An impeccable listing clean is one of the best investments for real estate sellers and their agents.

See what real agents have to say about our service!

See what real agents have to say about our service!


Michelle Pappas
Gaylord Brooks Group, Berkshire Hathaway

“Nicole and her crew are thorough and know how to clean a house and/or get it market ready. No surface goes untouched. I highly recommend her and her company. “


Veronica Sniscak
VSells & Associates of Keller Williams Integrity

“When I need a listing clean to spruce up a property before it goes on the market, I call Park Avenue Cleaning. They get it handled with no babysitting from me, which makes Nicole and her team my top choice.”,

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