4 of the Germiest Places You’ll Encounter on Summer Vacation

August 1, 2018, Author: Park Ave Cleaning

Summer vacation means fun in the sun, spending time with your family and dipping your toes into water filled with bacteria, germs and things you wouldn’t want to accidentally ingest. Wait—what was the last one? Unfortunately, summer vacation can mean encountering germy places that you would normally shy away from in your daily life.

Hotel Remotes

Hotel housekeepers are good at swapping out sheets and dusting the nightstand, but are they always remembering to clean the television remote? The answer is probably no. Many research studies done by microbiologists at hotels have found that remote controls have some of the highest levels of microorganisms and bacteria of anything in a hotel room. You can always wipe down the remote with antibacterial wipes or download a universal remote app if you’re really concerned.

Airplane Bathrooms

Airplane bathrooms might be small, but they are full of plenty of germs. The space is so tight that flushing the toilet with the lid open means that bacteria is sprayed onto virtually every surface in the room. Messy passengers, who aren’t considerate of this fact, can leave the bathroom a germ-infested playground for bacteria growth. The best way to handle this? Wash your hands, use a paper towel to touch the bathroom door handle and break out the hand sanitizer when you get back to your seat.

Airplane Seat Pockets

Passengers will stuff just about anything in the pockets on airplanes, from dirty diapers to old magazines (and everything in between). This pocket is almost never cleaned in between flights, which means that your new summer read might be covered in old sunflower seeds and dirty tissue bacteria by the time you take your seatbelt off and the plane is in the air. Try to stay away from using the pocket whenever you’re flying on a plane.

Light Switches

Whether you’re in a hotel or an Airbnb, know that the light switches are often touched by almost everyone and cleaned by no one. While many people wash their hands once they are inside of the bathroom, that means that hands are probably dirty on the outside knob to get into the bathroom and the light switch inside. Wipe down light switches whenever you get into your hotel room.

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